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Following a year of writing the music and script during the 2020 Lockdown, we embarked on a two week workshop, putting the show on its feet for the first time - with a performance at Marylebone Theatre, London to conclude. The workshop provided a collaborative environment to develop with our creative team and cast of 10 talented professional actors the story, style and music featured in our brand new production.

From table reads, to detailed discussions of character and plot, to blocking and simple choreography, the show was developed and rehearsed in the space of two weeks. Featuring minimal staging, limited lighting and basic props/costume, the workshop was performed to a group of industry professionals, family and friends and received tremendous reviews.

To watch the performance click on the links below...


Full Show:

Music & Lyrics by Sophie Hastings

Book & directed by James Hastings

Musical Director/Arranger - Archie Combe

Cast: Charlie Bryant - Timothy

Cecilia Jarved - June

Stewart Briggs - Ralph

Judith Von Orelli - Claudia

Ido Gonen - Frank

Nathaniel Purnell - Guss

Jaydean Cramb - Heidi

Lucy Spreckley - Louise

Steve Jewell - Felix

Peter Horvath - Private Muller

Band: Archie Combe - Piano/Accordian

Rory Padfield - Guitar

Frazer Pearce - Double Bass

Lorna Beckett - Violin

Nick Anderson - Drums

Filmed by Luke Bryan

Stu Harris - Sound Technician

Infinity Staged

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